What Is The HDMI Full Form | Full Form Of The HDMI

What Is The HDMI Full Form
What Is The HDMI Full Form

What Is The HDMI Full Form?

HDMI Full Form: What is HDMI Full Form, what is the use of HDMI, what does the full name of HDMI mean, you will find all such questions in this Post.

HDMI Full Form – What is HDMI?

HDMI’s full form is the “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. HDMI is called a more pronounced multimeter interface in Hindi. This allows Audio Video to be transmitted simultaneously from the same Cable. HDMI Cable reaches your TV and Monitor Screen by using both Audio and Video Signal.

AV Cable or this Cable is used to connect DVD Player to TV. However, there is another cable known as HDTV. But all the old DVD Player now uses this thing and all of this send Cable Analog to one device.

HDMI Cable is sent from one device to another in all Signal Digital formats. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t have to use a Converter to convert any side. That makes both TV and Player’s Circuit Small and Intensive.

This type of Cable is sent to Audio and Video Signal TV and Monitor in Digital Form. HDMI Cable has 19 different wire connected to a Connector that transfers audio Video’s Digital Signal from one device to another at a faster speed.

What Is The HDMI Full Form
What Is The HDMI Full Form
Types of HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable consists of two types –

  1. Standard Cable
  2. High-Speed Cable

Standard Cable

Standard Cable is also known as category 1 HDMI cable. It works at a pixel speed of 75 Mhz bandwidth support of approximately 2.23 Gbps. It is convenient to transmit an incoming 1080i signal.

High-Speed Cable

High-Speed Cable is also known as category 2 HDMI cable. It works at a pixel speed of 340 MHz with Bandwidth Support of approximately 10.2 Gbps. It is convenient for the latest 1440p and WQXGA offers.

Advantages of HDMI

HDMI has a lot of advantages such as –

  • HDMI supports various audio formats such as standard stereo, multi-channel surround sound, etc.
  • HDMI carriages both video and audio signals. You don’t need a separate audio cable.
  • HDMI can be converted to DVI using a special adapter that provides more connection options.
  • HDMI allows you to turn your TV into a computer monitor because the latest computers and laptops come with HDMI connections.
  • HDMI allows you to establish multiple connections using a few cables that simplify the connection process and eliminate the clutter of multiple cables.

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