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Whats Is The DNA Full Form
Whats Is The DNA Full Form

What Is The DNA Full Form?

What Is The DNA Full Form:- Hello welcome to the Totalfullforms.info website on which you can read a variety of useful articles. Today, what is the DNA in this article, and what is found in our body is the DNA full form of DNA in our body. If you take full knowledge of all these, start not taking much time.

What is DNA 

DNA is a threadlike structure found inside the nucleus of a human cell which is acid in nature. Which are found inside the nucleus of the cell of any organ, such as hands, feet, eyes, etc., in every human body of the whole body?

In 1953 AD, two scientists named J. D. Watson and Crick gave DNA’s double helix model. He also received the Nobel Prize in 1962 AD for the work.

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What Is The DNA Full Form?

Full-Form – Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid

  • D – deoxy
  • N – ribonucleic
  • A – acid


Functions of DNA –

DNA conducts all genetic functions in our body. The unit of DNA is genes. DNA also controls the action of protein synthesis in our body such as at what time how much protein should be produced in our body or not.

DNA also contains four types of alkali which are as follows:

  1. adenine
  2. Guanine
  3. thymine
  4. cytosine

Based on the number of molecules in DNA, adenine is always associated with thymine, cytosine is always associated with the guanine. There are two hydrogen bonds between thymine And adenine & three hydrogen bonds between cytosine and guanine.


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